tirsdag den 11. juni 2013

Get rid of your grease at Vesterfælledvej and Ingerslevsgade

Two places to get rid of your grease - A laundry and a tallow melting.
I really love the Laundry (Vascomat). The building is beautiful, colours and shapes are so well balanced. And the typography is so appealing, it almost seduce you to come in and wash your close.
It is the second time I'm sketching the laundry, and I might do it again in a couple of years. Here's my first sketch from 2009.
The tallow melting is situated in one of the new hipster places in Copenhagen. Duing the daytime you'll find butchers, lorry drivers etc walking around this area. But at night, you will be rubbing shoulders with advertising people, young designers, students and wanna-bes walking from one very hip night club to the next.  

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