fredag den 22. juli 2016


Last pages in my sketchbook, it's always a bit exciting to finish a sketchbook. On my Instagram profile (tomasbjornsson) you will find a short vidio where I flick through it.

This is a sketch of Langebro.

søndag den 17. juli 2016

Holiday Sketches

We spend the last week in a summerhouse with our best friends. As usual my friend and I will go out and sketch while the girls goes to the beach - or ..... I'm not quite sure what they do, but they're having fun. Anyway, my friend plays the guitar but he always brings a couple of his ukuleles (I always bring more than one sketchbook). He will play these lonesome cowboy western tunes, I'll sketch and while we're at it, we enjoy a nice beer - life!

tirsdag den 5. juli 2016

Valby Idrætspark

It rains constantly at the moment. But I got the chance to do this quick sketch of Valby Idrætspark just before it start raining - again.

If you know the place, you might have noticed that I messed up the sign. I drew it backwards and made the letters to big. Well, maybe I should start doing a loose pencil sketch before I dive in with my pen. It could help me get the proportions right, get straighter lines and be able to draw signs.