onsdag den 25. september 2013

Berlin for the weekend

We went to Berlin for the weekend, just the two of us and had a great time.
It's a really nice city, warm, inspiring and friendly, and with tons of cool street art.
Obviously we went to see Brandenburger tor, der Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, The Holocaust memorial etc. Which are all very interesting places and at the same time very haunting.
Of course we visited Bauhaus Archiv, which just isn't my thing - I don't think that stuff is made for humans. It's absolutly drained for life, fantasy, just straight lines and cold boxes.
But if you are planning to visit Berlin, you must see the Design panoptikum museum, it's steampunk meets Frankensteins laboratory, a fantastic place.

tirsdag den 17. september 2013

Ålholm plads

Indian restautante at Ålholm Plads.
I have never been there, but I like indian food, so I might drag the wife along one of the days.

torsdag den 5. september 2013

Frederiksholms kanal

A quick sketch tour with my very good friend René.
I haven't drawn boats for a long time so it was a nice challenge. I decided to sketch the rear end of the boat, 'cause thats where all the little details was, and because my sketch book just wasn't big enough to fit the whole thing.

tirsdag den 3. september 2013

Sølvgade and Valborg Allé

Valborg Allé

It feels like ages since I last was out sketching, and damn it felt good sitting in the streets again.
A chinese woman told me that in the yellow building on Sølvgade a glass artist lives, and in the beginning of summer he/she fills up the window and balcony with blue glass bottles, which apparently is the artists trademark - it should be quit a sight.