mandag den 21. oktober 2013

Nyboder and Holmens Churchyard

Haregade, Nyboder
Holmens Churchyard

The 41. worldwide SketchCrawl whent from Nyboder throught Holmens Churchyard and ended at Søernes Ølbar, where they serve some of the best beer - Nordic Rye to mention one.
A great day out, as usual, but rather cold

onsdag den 2. oktober 2013

Gammel Strand

It has been an all day meeting day to day. So I decided to start the day with a bit of sketching since it will be the only drawing I will be doing to day.
This wasn't actually what I had in mind for a motive, But as it turned out my initial idea just wasn't that interesting, so a little piece of Copenhagnes rooftop it is.

onsdag den 25. september 2013

Berlin for the weekend

We went to Berlin for the weekend, just the two of us and had a great time.
It's a really nice city, warm, inspiring and friendly, and with tons of cool street art.
Obviously we went to see Brandenburger tor, der Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, The Holocaust memorial etc. Which are all very interesting places and at the same time very haunting.
Of course we visited Bauhaus Archiv, which just isn't my thing - I don't think that stuff is made for humans. It's absolutly drained for life, fantasy, just straight lines and cold boxes.
But if you are planning to visit Berlin, you must see the Design panoptikum museum, it's steampunk meets Frankensteins laboratory, a fantastic place.

tirsdag den 17. september 2013

Ålholm plads

Indian restautante at Ålholm Plads.
I have never been there, but I like indian food, so I might drag the wife along one of the days.

torsdag den 5. september 2013

Frederiksholms kanal

A quick sketch tour with my very good friend René.
I haven't drawn boats for a long time so it was a nice challenge. I decided to sketch the rear end of the boat, 'cause thats where all the little details was, and because my sketch book just wasn't big enough to fit the whole thing.

tirsdag den 3. september 2013

Sølvgade and Valborg Allé

Valborg Allé

It feels like ages since I last was out sketching, and damn it felt good sitting in the streets again.
A chinese woman told me that in the yellow building on Sølvgade a glass artist lives, and in the beginning of summer he/she fills up the window and balcony with blue glass bottles, which apparently is the artists trademark - it should be quit a sight.

torsdag den 8. august 2013

Tour de Family

Ringkøbing Cinema
Ringkøbing Brewery
Our annual Tour de Family took us, again this year, to Vedersø on the other side of the moon. It's a nice little village with not much to do than sketch and obviously spent some quality time with the family. After that we went to visit my wife's sister in Ringkøbing, a beautiful town on the west coast, where I got the chance to sketch the abandoned cinema and the local brewery

søndag den 28. juli 2013

Ny Kongensgade and Frederiksholms Kanal

Ny Kongensgade
Frederiksholms Kanal

Roasting in the sun.  It must be the hottest of the year.
A mini sunday sketchcrawl in the sun, in the area around the national history museum.
Todays motives where chosen for where I could sit in the shade. Of course it wasn't a bad thing that both spots had a great doorway.

tirsdag den 23. juli 2013

Krokodillegade, Nyboder

My very close friend Hans Christian, mostly known as Hubbi, had this to say about my sketch, or perhaps rather on the area where it was drawn:

As always you have picked an interesting motive.

Firstly, it is of course an interesting historical building in an interesting part of Copenhagen. The easily recognicable yellow walls signifies that we are in the older section of Nyboder, where the houses with the yellow walls were originally built for the sailors of the Royal Danish Fleet. Most of the houses have since been changed for myriads of reasons over the years, but the yellow walls remain. Originally the houses were split into sections that would have looked a bit cramped to us, but were fairly spaceous for their time.

One peculiar thing is that there were no stairs between the floors. The inhabitants made do with a rope hanging through a hole. - They were sailors and needed to keep their climbing skills honed when on land and this was seemingly the easiest way. - I imagine it also took up less space than stairs or even a ladder and probably saved on building costs as well.

Its a little piece of left over history in an otherwise busy Copenhagen, though I fear that no ropes or holes are left, as the modern Danes are sadly all weaklings that dislike climbing a rope to get to the second floor.

lørdag den 20. juli 2013

Treeleborg Vikings

Spend a day at the Viking Museum at Trelleborg with some very good friends. They are part of a one week viking festival, where they dress up as vikings, eat, sleep and fight as vikings.
A great day with show fights, good food, fantastic beer ( from Esbjerg Micro Brewery) and great company - and time for a quick sketch in the roasting sun

mandag den 15. juli 2013

40th World Wide SketchCrawl

Teaterkroen, Nyborg

I messed up my summer holiday plans this year. Missing the 40th World Wide SketchCrawl, Tour de France, but most importantly this years Copenhagen JazzFestival. Instead I got a great holiday with my family - in fact, I didn't miss a thing. 

As I was cycling around Funen, My bid for this years International SketchCrawl is from Nyborg. I am not sure what the building is used for, but it is truely magnificent, and very very big, so I decided to sketch what I thing is the entrance.

Summer Holiday


 My dads pirate ship
 Our friends house in Svendborg
 Our friends house in Svendborg

We spend a week of our summer holiday on our bicycles, driving around Funen visiting friends, family and towns I have never been too. It's our first bicycle trip with our daughter, so we went by fairly easy, driving approximately 40 km a day.

Funen is truely a beautiful place and made for bicycling. The towns are small and charming, and great to sketch.

onsdag den 3. juli 2013

Rådmand Steins Allé

I have been working so much lately, that I haven't had the energy or time to go out and sketch. So this is a quick sketch of the view from our livingroom. 
Some people might hate the view, but we really love it. Pretty much after every dinner ,my wife and I turn our charirs towards the windows and enjoy the view

tirsdag den 11. juni 2013

Get rid of your grease at Vesterfælledvej and Ingerslevsgade

Two places to get rid of your grease - A laundry and a tallow melting.
I really love the Laundry (Vascomat). The building is beautiful, colours and shapes are so well balanced. And the typography is so appealing, it almost seduce you to come in and wash your close.
It is the second time I'm sketching the laundry, and I might do it again in a couple of years. Here's my first sketch from 2009.
The tallow melting is situated in one of the new hipster places in Copenhagen. Duing the daytime you'll find butchers, lorry drivers etc walking around this area. But at night, you will be rubbing shoulders with advertising people, young designers, students and wanna-bes walking from one very hip night club to the next.  

onsdag den 29. maj 2013

Damhus Tivoli Part 2

The other day I visited the Damhus Tivoli again, to sketch the place before somebody desides to shut it all down.

A couple of working men was doing some stuff there, I don't think they were repairing any thing. As they walked past me, one said to the other: "we got everything here, except from open" - well they have a lot to draw, that's one thing.

søndag den 5. maj 2013

Damhus Tivoli

About a 10 minute bike ride from our appertment you'll find Damhus Tivoli. It's completely deserted none of the attractions has been used for years - it could be the perfect place to shoot a zombie movie.

There has been a lot of talk about tearing it down, so I desided to get some sketches done before it is too late.
Some of the fruitmachines are still playing their music. A couple of teenage rollerskater girls used the mini golf track as their privat ramp before they decided to try and rob the slot machines for teddy bears. - I'm definitely going back there soon.

søndag den 14. april 2013

39th World Wide Sketchcrawl at Nørrebro

The 39th World Wide Sketchcrawl went to Nørrebro, and I think it's the first time I've been sketching in this part of Copenhagen. It's not my favorite part of Copenhagen, but it's an ok area.

The top sketch is of a sweets shop, I never realised that before afterwards when I was looking at my sketch.

søndag den 7. april 2013


I love sketching garages, but they are always too overcrowded with cars to actually see, so I never really get the chance. But today I was lucky - and I was lucky with the weather too. The sun was out, the snow is gone and only some drops of hail. It didn't start to rain and the snow came later in the day, so in fact, a good day for a sketch.

onsdag den 20. marts 2013

March in Copnhagen

These two photographes are taken with 4 months in between. The top one in December 2012 and the other this morning. Preferably it should be green and sunny instead it's white and not very urban sketching friendly.

-At least my daughter is enjoying the weather

onsdag den 6. marts 2013

Sønder Fasanvej

Cruising down Sønder Fasanvej, well at least for a coulple of meters. I've had this spot in mind for a while, it's just across from the entrance to Frederiksberg have.

tirsdag den 5. marts 2013


Back in business. The sun is shining and the temperatures has peeked to a mere 3 degrees. My pen and block is out, and even though it's a bit cold, it's great to be back in the streets sketching.

This is a pub in Vanløse. I like pubs, and I like drawings pubs. One of the things to take into consideration when sketching a pub, is the pub guests. They are great people, and very curious, very talkative, full of great advices, and some not so great advices, but always very friendly, as the people of Midtpunkt on Jydeholmen in Vanløse.

torsdag den 28. februar 2013

Jewellery sketching

My urban sketching has led to this advertisment for a danish jewellery designer and shop

tirsdag den 12. februar 2013


It's still minus degrees and the snow is covering Copenhagen, so café-sketching it was. We went to this great little café, 'Zigar Baby' on the corner of Vesterbrogade and Sundvedsgade, where we found a table by the window. It felt like the place was build on a trampolin, because everytime somebody past by our table, everything was jumping around - But who cares, it's a nice café and it was great to be out sketching again.

mandag den 21. januar 2013

Velcro Baby

Our daughter has been ill for the last couple of days. Nothing seriously, just high fever. Obviously the little angle has been very poorly and hanging in our arms has been her only comfort. And for some reason her stroller was the best place to sleep during daytime. 
So my bit for this section of The International Sketchcrawl is a sketch og her stroller - actually it's vibrant green, very cool!

onsdag den 2. januar 2013

Going into Overdrive on Christmas sweets

We went to visit my parents for a couple of days over Christmas. My dad have this display cabinet with more than a hundred vintage cameras, enought to fill a sketchbook, I will definitely try.

In between eating, 'cause that is all you do on Christmas, I managed to draw these two old cameras. My sister's kids, who had gone into overdrive on Christmas sweets and were playing secret spies involving me as their enemy, who had to be put into armlock, were doing everything they could to disrupt me. Due to this the sketches came out a bit strange, but we had so much fun.