søndag den 25. marts 2012

Touring around Christiansborg



Spend a great day in the sun drawing the surounding arear of Christiansborg with my good friend René.
The windows at Rigsdgsgården are just humongous, I found myself just staring at them in disbelieve and forgetting to draw.
Anyway I did get two drawings done on this beautiful sunny sunday.

mandag den 12. marts 2012

Must be The First Day of Spring

Smedestræde, Valby

 Storm Petersens Vej, Frederiksberg

Today must be the first day of spring. The sun was up and strong, and the even the wind was surprisingly warm - Today spring has arrived.
I decided to celebrate it with a small sketchCrawl with my daughter, who luckely enough decided to sleep through it.
The top sketch is what seems to be an abandoned garage in Valby, but something is lurking around in there somewhere. I love run down industrial buildings, despite the obvious absence of life, I find them full of it, and very inspiring.
The other sketch was done in a quiet back street of Frederiksberg, just behind the council building - a very nice area.