mandag den 8. maj 2023

The old house

 Sketching the back side of my parents house.

fredag den 28. april 2023

5 Days in Rome


5 Days in Rome with Tegnerne1919 (A Danish illustrators association, one of the oldest in the northern part of Europe).

5 days 5 sketches from a city from a city with infinite sketching possibilities. 

tirsdag den 11. april 2023

Easter sketching in Ebeltoft


Sketching in the beautiful area around Ebeltoft. 
The weather is still a bit too cold for watercolours, but spring is finally her.

mandag den 23. januar 2023



Fireengine - Bedford, T. K 1950
Fireengine Opel Blitz, 1952

Fireengine Ford Thames 1960

Drawings from Tekniskmuseum Helsingør on a freezing day in January - not that it was any warmer inside the museum.