fredag den 18. august 2023

HF Vennelyst, Blyanthuset


Our fantastic little allotment at HF Vennelyst. The oldest allotment association in Denmark.

Ikon for Verificeret af fællesskabet

mandag den 14. august 2023

Ordrup Strand


Drawing from a great weekend in Ordrup Strand.

Valby Langgade


Drawing from Valby Langgade, or rather the backside of Valby Langgade.

mandag den 7. august 2023



Walking around lake Furesø and doing a bit of sketching.



Spending our holiday in Lihme, in the west of Denmark. And despite of very poor weather, I got the chance to do a bit of sketching.

tirsdag den 11. juli 2023

HF Vennelyst

 Toilet building in the oldest allotment association in Danmark, HF Vennelyst.

tirsdag den 27. juni 2023

Bistro Trekanten


The little burger joint on Uplandsgade, Amager Copenhagen. I have wanted to draw this joint for a while, finally I got the time to do it.

søndag den 11. juni 2023

Hiking and sketching in Sweden




Three days of hiking and sketching in Sweden with my brother.

mandag den 8. maj 2023

The old house

 Sketching the back side of my parents house.

fredag den 28. april 2023

5 Days in Rome


5 Days in Rome with Tegnerne1919 (A Danish illustrators association, one of the oldest in the northern part of Europe).

5 days 5 sketches from a city from a city with infinite sketching possibilities. 

tirsdag den 11. april 2023

Easter sketching in Ebeltoft


Sketching in the beautiful area around Ebeltoft. 
The weather is still a bit too cold for watercolours, but spring is finally her.

mandag den 23. januar 2023



Fireengine - Bedford, T. K 1950
Fireengine Opel Blitz, 1952

Fireengine Ford Thames 1960

Drawings from Tekniskmuseum Helsingør on a freezing day in January - not that it was any warmer inside the museum.