onsdag den 20. marts 2013

March in Copnhagen

These two photographes are taken with 4 months in between. The top one in December 2012 and the other this morning. Preferably it should be green and sunny instead it's white and not very urban sketching friendly.

-At least my daughter is enjoying the weather

onsdag den 6. marts 2013

Sønder Fasanvej

Cruising down Sønder Fasanvej, well at least for a coulple of meters. I've had this spot in mind for a while, it's just across from the entrance to Frederiksberg have.

tirsdag den 5. marts 2013


Back in business. The sun is shining and the temperatures has peeked to a mere 3 degrees. My pen and block is out, and even though it's a bit cold, it's great to be back in the streets sketching.

This is a pub in Vanløse. I like pubs, and I like drawings pubs. One of the things to take into consideration when sketching a pub, is the pub guests. They are great people, and very curious, very talkative, full of great advices, and some not so great advices, but always very friendly, as the people of Midtpunkt on Jydeholmen in Vanløse.