søndag den 28. december 2014

Visiting friends in Svendborg

Spending two great days in Svendborg with some of our best friends. In many ways Denmark is a strange country, so small and even thought we have snow in Copenhagen, they didn't have any in Svendborg. Which gave me the possibility to do a bit of sketching

lørdag den 1. november 2014


I have just been to Oslo. I went to attend the European Illustration Forums yearly meeting, with a lot of great and very talented illustrators from around europe. 
Everyone told me Oslo is such an expensive place, I didn't believe that, right untill I went into a pub and ordered a beer - Wow man, it's expensive! But everything els is great, the norwegians are fantasticly friendly, the place is charming and beautiful, great atmosphere. There's nothing there I don't like, well except for the price of beer

fredag den 17. oktober 2014


A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my brother and his family, who has moved to Viborg, about 100.000 km from Copenhagen. Viborg is a very old historical city, which has played a great part in danish history. What I mean is, that it has a great place to sketch.  
I spend the weekend with them, during the annual animation festival, and amongst a lot of great movies, we watch Ernest et Celestine, with out a doubt one of the greatest movies I have seen in a very long time 

fredag den 12. september 2014

Copenhagn Zoo

Enjoying the sun and sketching Copenhagen Zoo today

torsdag den 21. august 2014

Omøgade - Lillemors pølser

It happens that foreigners ask me about traditional danish food, and usually I'm not sure what to answer. But hotdogs and especially these hotdog stands are very typical danish food. It's not very healthy, but it taste great

onsdag den 13. august 2014


Back in my old neigherbourhood. I've walked through this underpass a million times, never thought of sketching it - Sometimes the motives are right under your nose

fredag den 25. juli 2014

Summer days in Coventry

Just got back from a week in Coventry visiting the great family Kendrick. Listning to some good music and drinking some very nice bear.
These two sketches was done in the area called Wyken, a typical friendly english neighbourhood.
I have lived in this city for 2½ years and it's always nice to be back. Alot of people slag off the Midlands, but they obviously don't know much about the area - I rather like it

torsdag den 10. juli 2014

Sketching Peter Bangs Vej

Cruising down Peter Bangs Vej with my sketchbook and a loaded Lamy - Hmmm!
I,ve walked passed the train station a million times, without thinking it as a sketch, untill yesterday it hit me, that it might be interesting.
I've been wanting to sketch this garage for years, but it's had to find a proper spot to sit with a proper view

mandag den 7. juli 2014

summer holiday at Samsoe

Summer holiday sketches from Samsø and Odder. Again this year we climped our bicycles and spend 10 days biking around Samsø and ended in Odder with my wifes family.
As I was sketching the yellow house a deer jumped out from the bushes and ran into the fields.
From the lighthouse you can see Sealand, Funen and Jutland, which is pretty cool.

tirsdag den 24. juni 2014


Sketching with a colleague today.
We went to Christianshavn and did a couple of sketches, here's one of them.
This one is done in my beautiful new sketchbook, a Roberson 300gr cold pressed watercolour paper - a true beauty. 
And my new pen: the Lamy Safari Foutain Pen (I can see an addiction coming) loaded with Higgins Black Magic, I'm hooked

torsdag den 12. juni 2014

SketchCrawling in Randers

A Couple of weeks ago I went to visit a very good friend who lives in Randers, a town 4 hours train ride from Copenhagen.
We had a great time, tasted the local beer, and did a lot of drawing. It's an old town, apparently one of the oldest in Denmark, my friend says. 
Any way, here are the sketches. The one from the harbour (second to last) was drawn using a Fude brushpen from Zebra, real brushpens don't contain waterproof ink (unless you...) but I don't think the Zebra pen did any thing good for the sketch - I'll stick to my pens

tirsdag den 20. maj 2014

Valby Langgade

It feels like years ago since last time I was out sketching. I have been wanting to draw this spot on Valby Langgade for a long time. I love that you can see that the house behind are timbered. And to top of the day, a friendly lorry driver cave my an ice cream - Uuhm! thank you lorry man

mandag den 12. maj 2014


I have just spend 3 days in London with a group of danish illustrators. Visited a couple of museums, bought 5 kilos of books, but no cd's - What is that? as I helpfull shop assistant said: "We got dvd's" - but I'm old fashioned, I want cd's!
These sketches are from some backyard in Soho and rooftops seen from my hotel in Bloomsbury.

mandag den 21. april 2014

World Wide Sketchcrawl 43 - Dragør

We spend the day in Dragør, a small charming place a few kilometers outside Copenhagen. and yep! that place is full of yellow painted houses too

søndag den 23. marts 2014

Lykkebo Skole, Vigerslevvej

Back on Vigerslevvej, sketching my mothers old school.
I wonder how much have actually changed since she was there. Obviously there are some new buildings, but I wouldn't be supriced if you can still find some old grafitti from her days, sometime in the 50's. 

mandag den 10. marts 2014

Den Gule VIlla

"Den Gule villa" or "the yellow villa". 
The sun is out and spring is in the air, damn it's nice to get out and do some sketching. 
I drew this house for first time a couple of years ago (Here), and back then I didn't know what it was used for - I still don't. I sketched it from the exact same angle, but this time in colour. I should have waited a couple of weeks adding the colours, because it is still a bit too cold for water colours - they just don't want to dry. I have heard that you can mix a bit of vodka in the water, and that will speed up the drying process, maybe I'll do that next time I'm out, if the temperatures haven't risen a couple of degrees.

lørdag den 25. januar 2014

Domus Vista and 42. World Wide SketchCrawl

The view from our livingroom vindow is the motive for the first World Wide SketchCrawl of the year - and my first urban sketch of 2014.
A warm apartment beats -4 degrees c. any day.