søndag den 14. august 2011

Summer holiday in Denmark

This years summer holiday was mainly spend on biking through Denmark, from Copenhagen to Svendborg, Fåborg, Jordløse, Fredericia, Esberg, Vedersø, Viborg and enden in Skagen. We rode about 400 km on our bicycles the rest was done by train and by bus. It has with out a doubt been the best holiday I've had in Denmark. We saw just about anything worth seeing, and the rest have to wait untill next time we jump on our bikes, 'cause this is not the last time we will be cycling around Denmark.
The last sketch (Vila Klitbo) was of our summer house in Skagen. What a tourist hell and at the same time, what a beautiful place. I can definitely understand why it attracts tourist like flypaper, the place is great!