tirsdag den 28. august 2012

Venners Hjem, Valby

I was cycling through Sydhavnen (South-harbour, an area in Copenhagen) Yesterday. I lived in this area some years ago, it's much nicer than it's reputation. There's one cafées in the area (which is very unusual for Copenhagen), so you don't have the Café latté people (todays yuppies) instead you have a lot of pubs. All of the pubs are very locale and some are more friendlier than others. Venners Hjem (Friends Home) is one of the many pubs, friendly or not, I don't know, I have never been inside, and now it seems to be too late, as it very much looks like it's closing down. Well luckely there are plenty other good places to go for a beer.
Any way Venners Hjem can be found on the corner of Trekronergade and Carl Jacobsensvej. Another nice yellow house, and probably pretty old too

mandag den 13. august 2012

Summer holiday in Denmark

Vedersø Churce

Vedersø Mill


The oldest street of Randers

Backyard of Ebeltoft

Lunch at an old inn, Ebeltoft

Old run down factory in Ebeltoft

The last holiday of the year we spend on the road of west part of Denmark - very excotic as we don't own a car. 
We startet of at Vedersø, where Kaj Munk was from, with a family get together. From there we drove to Ringkøbing to visit my wifes sister where we spend a couple of days. Then we drove across the country stopping in Viborg for a short stay at my brothers house and after that we visited my good friend, and urban sketching body, René in Randers, where they, according to René got the oldest street of Denmark. We ended up in Ebeltoft where we stayed for 3 nights. In Ebeltoft you will find some of the most crooked buildings in Denmark - hell the entire world, straighten up tower of Pisa. It's also a town of small annoying flies, but still it's a town worth visiting