mandag den 26. september 2011


We spend the weekend on Fanø, a small island west of the danish west coast. A charming little place with not a lot to do than drawing, so that's what I did

søndag den 18. september 2011


Sketching at Indiakaj.
Indiakaj is a couple of old ware houses stuck in the middle of new buildings. For once the architects have actually manage to make the two type of architectural styles work together in harmony, though it is the older buildings I find most fascinating and interesting to draw - most definitely an area to come back to

søndag den 11. september 2011

Vesterbrogade 202

Vesterbrogade is by far my favorite street in Copenhagen, there's always something interesting to find, including Jesper Larsen Antik shop.
Everytime I have walked by this shop I have thought to myself that I should be drawing it. Well finally I did it.