fredag den 25. juli 2014

Summer days in Coventry

Just got back from a week in Coventry visiting the great family Kendrick. Listning to some good music and drinking some very nice bear.
These two sketches was done in the area called Wyken, a typical friendly english neighbourhood.
I have lived in this city for 2½ years and it's always nice to be back. Alot of people slag off the Midlands, but they obviously don't know much about the area - I rather like it

torsdag den 10. juli 2014

Sketching Peter Bangs Vej

Cruising down Peter Bangs Vej with my sketchbook and a loaded Lamy - Hmmm!
I,ve walked passed the train station a million times, without thinking it as a sketch, untill yesterday it hit me, that it might be interesting.
I've been wanting to sketch this garage for years, but it's had to find a proper spot to sit with a proper view

mandag den 7. juli 2014

summer holiday at Samsoe

Summer holiday sketches from Samsø and Odder. Again this year we climped our bicycles and spend 10 days biking around Samsø and ended in Odder with my wifes family.
As I was sketching the yellow house a deer jumped out from the bushes and ran into the fields.
From the lighthouse you can see Sealand, Funen and Jutland, which is pretty cool.