mandag den 21. oktober 2013

Nyboder and Holmens Churchyard

Haregade, Nyboder
Holmens Churchyard

The 41. worldwide SketchCrawl whent from Nyboder throught Holmens Churchyard and ended at Søernes Ølbar, where they serve some of the best beer - Nordic Rye to mention one.
A great day out, as usual, but rather cold

onsdag den 2. oktober 2013

Gammel Strand

It has been an all day meeting day to day. So I decided to start the day with a bit of sketching since it will be the only drawing I will be doing to day.
This wasn't actually what I had in mind for a motive, But as it turned out my initial idea just wasn't that interesting, so a little piece of Copenhagnes rooftop it is.