søndag den 29. juli 2012

Øster Voldgade

Another gateway, antother yellow building - This time it's Rosenborg at Øster Voldgade. The yellow color is typical of old houses in Copenhagen, especially in this area, Nyboder and the surrounding area

mandag den 23. juli 2012

Vesterbro in the sun

My good friend Martin came to visit me this weekend, so we grabbed our pens and sketchbooks and walked through Vesterbro.
The top sketch is of the baker "Musikkonditoriet" and the buttom one is a pub on Vesterfælledvej. I've been wanting to draw both places for a very long time - And finally I got around to draw them and add some watercolours to my sketches too.

Summer holiday

We rented a summer house in Jylland with a couple of our very good friends. And even though the danish summer weather didn't show its most pretty face, we had an absolutly fantastic time. 
The house was just a 20 minute walk along a closed down railroad track from Nr. Nebel - So walking along a railroad track every time you need to get a liter of milk, now what more can you ask for