søndag den 23. januar 2011

Cafe Barsil, Peter Bangs vej

A quick sunday sketch from Peter Bangs Vej, Copenhagen

30th World Wide SketchCrawl !!!

The year's first sketch crawl went to DR Byen (Danish National TV and Radio) And finished in Field's (a shopping center). DR Byen is brand new, the architecture is as modern as architecture gets. In my opinion the worst architecture you'll find in Copenhagen.
Any way I came with good spirit, found a ticketmachine, a run down tractor and a box on stilts, I have no idea of what it is. Not bad at all. It's great when you're forced out of your normal choice of motifs and into to areas you'll never usually venture.

After 2½ hours of drawing I was frozen solid, even my pen gave up, (today I had to change the ink cartridge) and left DR Byen for Field's. I love the way the entrance doors to shopping centers blast hot air at you, so to get warm I did a couple of rounds in the swing doors, before I met up with the rest of the group for some last café drawings.

A very nice day

søndag den 16. januar 2011

Moster Olga In The Cold

First day of sketching in 2011. The snow has retreated to big piles by the pavement, the temperature is around 6 degrees - But it's still bloody cold sitting still for ½ an hour sketching. But it's so good to be back out there looking for motives to sketch.
Moster Olga is a cool antique shop in Valby, Copenhagen. It's full of small and bigger treasures. We bought our duck there along with a cool salt tray from around the 1960's. Definitely a place to come back to