søndag den 25. oktober 2015

World Wide SketchCrawl 49


 Urban tree

Vestre Kirkegård

The last international sketchcrawl of the year went through Vestre Kirkegård, If you have not been there yet, you should diffenitely go. The place is huge and fill of fairy tales.
After the coffebreak at MÆT café we sketched down Trekronergade, where two top sketches are from

onsdag den 21. oktober 2015

autumn leaves, Damhusengen

Trying my luck with autumn leaves before they disappear and it gets too cold for watrcolours

søndag den 11. oktober 2015

Bagergade, Svendborg

Spent the last couple of days decorating a music room at a local school, with the help from the pupils. And had the time to sketch a very good friend's house

søndag den 4. oktober 2015


Sunday sketchcrawling in Sydhavn.
I have been looking at this house to sketch for a long time, it is so damn big. This sketch doesn't really show how big it actually is. About 50 meters from there, amongst shrubbery and junk, you will find this old boat wreck. It's not really vandalised, just rotting to pieces

fredag den 11. september 2015


Back at Vigerselvvej, I don't think there's much That I haven't drawn on this street. 
The red tower in this sketch, is the local fire station where my grandfarther was a voluntary firefighter.
I have been passing under this bridge about a million times, but it was not until a couple of weekes ago, that I realised the beauty of the different lines and shapes

mandag den 7. september 2015

Sketching Malmø on a rainy day

I did this sketch using a the Kuretake brush pen no. 13, which I really enjoy sketching with. But for urban sketching I'm not really sure I think it adds value to the sketch, infact I will most probably not use it in the future for this type of sketching. Any way this is a sketch done in Malmø on a rainy day this weekend

fredag den 7. august 2015


A trip deep into the Forest with a sketchbook, a brushpen and some watercolours.
I don't find sketching trees that hard, more relaxing, but leaves - man they are hard to draw properly

mandag den 3. august 2015

The yearly family weekend at Vedersø

Sketches from our yearly family get together, yet again in Vedersø. As always a great weekend, with lovely people.
Both sketches are of the church

søndag den 26. juli 2015

Copenhagen Sketchcrawl no. 48

Dodging showers, house boats blocking the view, and nosy drunk tourist, not the greatest odds for a good sketch, but with good company, and a great event it ended as a good day out sketching with the Copenhagen Sketchcrawl gang

mandag den 20. juli 2015

Weekend sketching

City and Country, sketches from this weekend.
Went to Hareskoven (forest near Copenhagen) with my daughter and best friend. Spend most of the time having fun playing, but did get a chance to do a sketch of the trees, while the little one was having a break. 
Valbymaskin fabrik, another sight from my one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Copenhagen -I'll be back. Not because I managed to do a bit too many mistakes on this sketch, but because there is more to sketch

mandag den 13. juli 2015

Summer holiday sketching

summer holiday sketching at Sjællands Odde, in a summerhouse near Nykøbing Sjælland.
A relaxing week with the wife and daughter, great friends, a couple of sketchbooks and not to forget, nice beer.
The yellow summer house was the cutest in the area, according to my wife - and she's always right

fredag den 26. juni 2015


Sketching Smallegade with a photographer hanging over my shoulder. But he will make a timelaps movie of the process, which hopefully I will post here soon - and he was a pretty cool guy, so a fun little experiement

torsdag den 25. juni 2015

Byskitsning i Politiken

Forside af IBYEN, Politiken den 26. juni 2015

Jep, endelig, byskitsning har fundet vej til Politiken.
Tjek linket HER - og med et lille interview med mig, uuuh.
Jeg er dog ikke ved at brække mig over mit arbejde, jeg elsker mit liv som illustrator og føler mig utrolig heldig, at jeg kan leve af det.

tirsdag den 5. maj 2015

Nordre Fasanvej

Sunday sketching. For a while I have been looking for a more "common" house to sketch. The shop on the ground floor makes this an interesting thing to draw- unfortunately I messed up both perspective and the size of the middle section windows - Well it was fun to sketch

mandag den 20. april 2015

Sketchcrawling Randers

Spend the weekend in Randers (old  danishmerchant city) with a very good friend of mine, sketching, talking and enjoying a couple of good beers.
These sketches are of a bird Watch, some random street and the harbour

søndag den 12. april 2015

Dagliglivets oase or something like: daily life oasis

I have passed by the fastfood joint a billion times, and always thought it could be a good sketch, so today I decided to have a go at it. I've never eaten there, but now I have sketched it

fredag den 10. april 2015


Spring has finally arrived in Copenhagen, so i have left my drawing tables and ventured out in the lovely weather. This is from Ålholmplads, a couple of years ago I sketched the restaurant next to this kebab shop. And apparently half the sign is missing, because as I was packing my gear, the owner came out with more letters to put up

tirsdag den 10. marts 2015


The sun is out, temperatures are up and I've been out with my sketchbook - oh, it feels good. This is the back side of Tivoli. For this sketch I tried Noodlers Lexington Grey ink in my fountain pen. It's a bit strange drawing with grey ink, something I have to get used to, but I do like the result