mandag den 12. december 2016


Two small sketches from my trip to Aarhus in november this year.

mandag den 24. oktober 2016

Domus Vista

International sketchcrawl no. 53 at Domus Vista, a run down shopping center. I tryed to experiement a little and did some fast and loose sketches - a big cóntrast to how I usually sketch.

tirsdag den 18. oktober 2016


Sketching Carlsberg with the rest of the CPH Urban Sketchers gang on a freezing cold saturday.

mandag den 3. oktober 2016

Gl. Køge Landevej

An absolutely ordenary sight at Gl. Køge Landevej.

onsdag den 28. september 2016


Three doors, three exits, or three entrances depending on how you look at it. Strandgade at Christianshavn.

mandag den 19. september 2016

Weekend sketching

This is a typical building I love to draw when I'm out and about with my sketchbook.

On tour with the Copenhagen sketchcrawl Group on this carfree sunday. Trianglen is normally surrounded  by heavy trafic, so it was a great opportunity. I'm not particularly pleased with the out come, having very interested and indiscreet bystanders can at time be a bit of a challenge. But that's part of urban sketching, and I got the chance to draw this building. 

fredag den 19. august 2016

Gl. Køge Landevej

An evening sketch from one of the very busy streets in Copenhagen. 
Usually I would do my urban sketching in the day time, but sketching in the evening is a hit. It's so much more quiet, less trafic and people are relaxed and overly friendly. But even better, all this makes it easyer to sketch in areas that are usually very busy.
The jellow light is suppose to be a refection of the low sun from a building in the background.

mandag den 8. august 2016

Holiday Sketches


I didn´t do as many sketches on our summer holiday this year, as I had in mind. But it's ok, we had an absolutely fantastic time, even considering my fall at Ekkodalen (a valley with steep cliff walls), well I guess that's part of having a good time.
The two top sketches are from Bormholm, I did a few more in black pen, which you can find on my instagram profile.
The bottom sketch is from our yearly family get together, which literally was held in the middle of nowhere - not even Pokemongo had found it's way out there.

fredag den 22. juli 2016


Last pages in my sketchbook, it's always a bit exciting to finish a sketchbook. On my Instagram profile (tomasbjornsson) you will find a short vidio where I flick through it.

This is a sketch of Langebro.

søndag den 17. juli 2016

Holiday Sketches

We spend the last week in a summerhouse with our best friends. As usual my friend and I will go out and sketch while the girls goes to the beach - or ..... I'm not quite sure what they do, but they're having fun. Anyway, my friend plays the guitar but he always brings a couple of his ukuleles (I always bring more than one sketchbook). He will play these lonesome cowboy western tunes, I'll sketch and while we're at it, we enjoy a nice beer - life!

tirsdag den 5. juli 2016

Valby Idrætspark

It rains constantly at the moment. But I got the chance to do this quick sketch of Valby Idrætspark just before it start raining - again.

If you know the place, you might have noticed that I messed up the sign. I drew it backwards and made the letters to big. Well, maybe I should start doing a loose pencil sketch before I dive in with my pen. It could help me get the proportions right, get straighter lines and be able to draw signs. 

tirsdag den 14. juni 2016

Sketchcrawling the Midlands

 Digbeth, Birmingham
Digbeth, Birmingham
The view from Birmingham library

I have just spend 5 days in the Midlands - Birmingham, Nottingham, Lichfield and Coventry. Visiting old friends and revisiting old hangouts. As always I love this area, the people, the sits, the beer, the atmosphere.

søndag den 22. maj 2016

Touring Nordhavn, Østerbro and Christianshavn

Drinking coffee in Randersgade

Spend the weekend with my great friend René sketching. 
We went back to the northharbour to sketch the marina. Got a cop of coffee in Århusgade and finished with a damn difficult sketch of a villa from Christinia, should have kept this sketch as a black and white. The line drawings worked really well, the watercolours screwed it up - but well, i'll be back an other day.

mandag den 16. maj 2016

Brøndby Strand

You shouldn't think it's almost june, it felt more like late september today at the beach.
The little pink flee is my daughter catching something in the water.

torsdag den 12. maj 2016

Around Amager


I went to Amager today, searching for new places to sketch. I have drawn pretty much everything interesting in my neighbourhood, well pretty much evertthing.
I found these two spots (and a thousand more) I love sketching dusty industrial areas.

mandag den 25. april 2016


Second sketchcrawl of the year, and first time I'm out with my sketchbooks.
Sketching through rain, icy wind and snow didn't stop us visiting Nordhavn (the North habour) a true klondike of small shacks, repair shops, trailer vans etc. One of those places where you always will find something new to draw.