onsdag den 20. juni 2012


While waiting for my wife and daughter I had the chance to do this quick sketch. Actually the plan was to use a bit of watercolours this time, but time and motive just didn't alow it - mayby and hopefully next time.

søndag den 3. juni 2012


Me and a small group from the Copenhagen SketchCrawl group (which could be any one since it's open to any one, but it was the great Kristian, Katja, Thomas, his son and Thomas) and Omar from Berlin, went to Sydhavn harbour to do a bit of sunday sketching.
I have lived in that area of Copenhagen for a number of years, walked around in the harbour area and the surroundings a million times, but for some reason never thought about sketching it. I don't know why, sometimes you must be absolutly blind for the treasures which is nearest your home. Now, sometimes soon, I'll get on my bicycle and drive down there to do some more sketching