søndag den 23. marts 2014

Lykkebo Skole, Vigerslevvej

Back on Vigerslevvej, sketching my mothers old school.
I wonder how much have actually changed since she was there. Obviously there are some new buildings, but I wouldn't be supriced if you can still find some old grafitti from her days, sometime in the 50's. 

mandag den 10. marts 2014

Den Gule VIlla

"Den Gule villa" or "the yellow villa". 
The sun is out and spring is in the air, damn it's nice to get out and do some sketching. 
I drew this house for first time a couple of years ago (Here), and back then I didn't know what it was used for - I still don't. I sketched it from the exact same angle, but this time in colour. I should have waited a couple of weeks adding the colours, because it is still a bit too cold for water colours - they just don't want to dry. I have heard that you can mix a bit of vodka in the water, and that will speed up the drying process, maybe I'll do that next time I'm out, if the temperatures haven't risen a couple of degrees.