mandag den 28. november 2011


A couple of our closest friends, who used to live about a 150 meters away from us, moved to Svendborg to Svendborg in july, a town about 357.000 km away form us.
Svendborg is a great town, with a harbour, lots of old, but well preserved, buildings, definitely a place to sketch when it gets a bit warmer.

Any way a fantastic weekend in Svendborg, with great friends, nice beer, good food, time to do a sketch, what more can you ask for.

mandag den 21. november 2011


A short break was turned into a sketch of our hallway -and then back to the drawing table.

tirsdag den 15. november 2011


Winter is slowly approaching Copenhagen, so I will not be doing too much urban sketching for the next couple of months. Instead I have found an evening class in life drawing, which I will be attending. It's pretty different to urban sketching, especially because the model is changing pose every bloody 2 minuts. Pretty stressful but a lot of fun too.
Here's a sketch from last weeks life drawing class.

tirsdag den 1. november 2011


Not far from my flat you'll find Frederiksvej. It's just another quiet back street of Copenhagen, but this street got some of the most beautiful Jugendstil inspired doorways you'll find in Copenhagen. So what els to do, than draw it. So here you have it; a little piece of beautiful Frederiksvej, go visit the street if you're in the area

mandag den 31. oktober 2011

Playground at Uppsalahus

Just a quick sketch from the playground just out side my flat

søndag den 23. oktober 2011

Sunday in October

I love Autumn, the light, the colours and the temperature, even though it was pretty cold today. But then the warm chocolate waiting at home is that much nicer.

mandag den 17. oktober 2011


Drawing from outside the Aldi supermarket at Roskilde vej on another beautiful autumn day. I love drawing these industrial buildings. Some people find these areas unfriendly and cold, but not me, I find them very inspiring - small peaceful places on empty sundays

33. World Sketchcrawl - Frederiksberg Allé

33. World Wide Sketchcrawl at Frederiksberg Allé in absolutly gorgeous weather and in great company.
I love these days, sketching with a lot of cool people, sharing drawings at the end, drinking nice beer - what a wonderfull day.

mandag den 10. oktober 2011

Wien - Vienna

My wife had a business meeting to attend in Vienna, and I got the chance to tag along. So while she was sweating in meetings I enjoyed Vienna, walking my feet of, so I did a bit of work too. We where there for 4 days, one sunny and three raining days. But who cares when you're walking around in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
I have never seen any city like this one. No matter where you look, youl'll see the beautiful marks of Art Nouveau. Obviously we visited Belvedere, the museums Quartier, Hundertwasser Haus. I saw a special exhibition on Egon Schiele (one of my all time favorites), StephansDom, Klimt (obviously), MuMoK (Modern art), Karlskirche, Karlsplatz, The Opera, Naschmarkt, The Wagner building, Heldenplatz ... And I can go on and on. I'm not finished with this city yet....

onsdag den 5. oktober 2011

Pantheonsgade, Odense

I was asked by the peoples university (Folkeuniversitetet) to give a talk on visual storytelling. I was quite excited and it went very well. Before the talk I had some hours in Odense to kill, so I found this hous to sketch

mandag den 26. september 2011


We spend the weekend on Fanø, a small island west of the danish west coast. A charming little place with not a lot to do than drawing, so that's what I did

søndag den 18. september 2011


Sketching at Indiakaj.
Indiakaj is a couple of old ware houses stuck in the middle of new buildings. For once the architects have actually manage to make the two type of architectural styles work together in harmony, though it is the older buildings I find most fascinating and interesting to draw - most definitely an area to come back to

søndag den 11. september 2011

Vesterbrogade 202

Vesterbrogade is by far my favorite street in Copenhagen, there's always something interesting to find, including Jesper Larsen Antik shop.
Everytime I have walked by this shop I have thought to myself that I should be drawing it. Well finally I did it.

søndag den 14. august 2011

Summer holiday in Denmark

This years summer holiday was mainly spend on biking through Denmark, from Copenhagen to Svendborg, Fåborg, Jordløse, Fredericia, Esberg, Vedersø, Viborg and enden in Skagen. We rode about 400 km on our bicycles the rest was done by train and by bus. It has with out a doubt been the best holiday I've had in Denmark. We saw just about anything worth seeing, and the rest have to wait untill next time we jump on our bikes, 'cause this is not the last time we will be cycling around Denmark.
The last sketch (Vila Klitbo) was of our summer house in Skagen. What a tourist hell and at the same time, what a beautiful place. I can definitely understand why it attracts tourist like flypaper, the place is great!

mandag den 4. juli 2011


My brother and his family has moved to the other side of the moon - Viborg. Which in fact is a very nice and historically interesting place. I spend this weekend with him, where he guided me around this great town and between raindrops I got the chance to do this sketch. This weekend has been dreadfull and eventhough it rained as lot in Viborg it was nothing compared to what was waiting for back in Copenhagen. A flooded basement! We lost a pair of great speakers, a computer, lots of artbooks, comics, pictureframes etc. I really feel sorry for the people who really lost a lot this wet weekend in Copenhagen

lørdag den 25. juni 2011

Carlsberg Portvagt

A quick saturday sketch at Carlsberg Brewery.
Some years ago I used the Elephant-entrance in an illustration for Carlsberg. There are some really nice motives to find at ther brewery, definitely a place worth visiting

tirsdag den 14. juni 2011


We went to Lichfield, Coventry and Birmingham over the weekend to visit good friends.
Lichfield is such a nice place and me and Martin got the chance to do a quick sketch as Hanne strolled around enjoying this charming city.

søndag den 5. juni 2011


I got sun burned. I go from pale white to bright red and back, I never get a nice tan only a lobster tan. But who need a nice sun tan when you're at Nyholm with you best drawing mate and a sketchbook. What a great place to spend a sunny sunday in Copenhagen, among warships and supmarines (both museums, open for turists from dawn till dusk) and lazy military police in cool sunglasses

mandag den 25. april 2011


I have never been to Ribe before, but what an amazingly interesting little city that is. They got a cathedral which as far as I know makes Ribe a city. An old city full of old well preserved houses, which just demands to be drawn. I hope I get the chance to go back there one day.

fredag den 22. april 2011

Manhattan, New York

As you probably allready know, New York is fantastic. My wife and I have just spend 12 days in The City, And wow there's a lot of cars. They are all over the place, in fact I don't think it's possible to find a parking space without someone driving off first. And there are large beautiful buildings, interesting shops, green trees, gray squirrels, inspiring galleries, dusty streets, friendly people, or just the world - pretty much

mandag den 28. marts 2011

My Sisters Garden

It was suppose to be an ordinary birthday party at my sisters house but, turned out to be a surprise wedding - what a fantastic surprise . I sneaked out of the party for ½ an-hour to do a quick drawing of this tree, which is standing in the back of my sisters house

tirsdag den 22. marts 2011


Depressing signs of a long long winter - damn I'm rusty. But that's not going to stop me. I think I'm entering a stage of drawing doorways. Years ago I had a long period of sketching trees, I almost became manic, and did sketches of every tree in the center of Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry I came across. Sometimes I would do several sketches of the same tree if I couldn't find a tree I had not been drawing. -Now time has come for doorways of Copenhagen

søndag den 20. marts 2011

Dalgas Boulevard

This is a doorway at Dalgas Boulevard, a very nice one - I think I have to do more sketches of doorways

Chair and lamp

It seems like winter doesn't want to go away, so I did some quick indoor sketches