mandag den 28. november 2011


A couple of our closest friends, who used to live about a 150 meters away from us, moved to Svendborg to Svendborg in july, a town about 357.000 km away form us.
Svendborg is a great town, with a harbour, lots of old, but well preserved, buildings, definitely a place to sketch when it gets a bit warmer.

Any way a fantastic weekend in Svendborg, with great friends, nice beer, good food, time to do a sketch, what more can you ask for.

mandag den 21. november 2011


A short break was turned into a sketch of our hallway -and then back to the drawing table.

tirsdag den 15. november 2011


Winter is slowly approaching Copenhagen, so I will not be doing too much urban sketching for the next couple of months. Instead I have found an evening class in life drawing, which I will be attending. It's pretty different to urban sketching, especially because the model is changing pose every bloody 2 minuts. Pretty stressful but a lot of fun too.
Here's a sketch from last weeks life drawing class.

tirsdag den 1. november 2011


Not far from my flat you'll find Frederiksvej. It's just another quiet back street of Copenhagen, but this street got some of the most beautiful Jugendstil inspired doorways you'll find in Copenhagen. So what els to do, than draw it. So here you have it; a little piece of beautiful Frederiksvej, go visit the street if you're in the area