onsdag den 22. december 2010


Eventhough I love this cold and snowy weather we got right now, I'm really looking forward for just a couple of plus degrees, so I can get out and draw

torsdag den 16. december 2010

50 best drawing blogs

This blog has just been put on the Guide To Art Schools list of best drawing blogs - Cool!!

søndag den 31. oktober 2010


På familiebesøg i Fredericia og en tur i havnen.
I følge min søsters mand er de ved at lukke Fredericia værft, på trods af at det driver en overskudsforretning. Det er jo ikke til at forstå. Og ud over det sørgelige faktum, at en masse mennesker vil miste deres job, mister os tegnerer en masse fantastisk inspiration - Jeg må en tur i Nordhavn inden det bliver alt for koldt!

søndag den 17. oktober 2010

29th World Wide SketchCrawl Copenhagen - 2 Års Jubilæum

Finally I got the chance to particispate in Copenhagen SketchCrawl. We met at Thorvaldsens Museum, where I drew the Lion. After the break everybody continued drawing statues, I decided to draw another street.

A great day, which enden at Sørens for a couple of rounds of beer.
And I'm allready looking forward for the next crawl

torsdag den 14. oktober 2010

That's me

Yep! That's me sketching in Amsterdam earlier this year.

Gravør Lind på Peter Bangs Vej

Jeg er lige flyttet og derfor cykler jeg nye veje rundt i byen, og på mine ture køre jeg blandt andet forbi Gravør Lind på Peter Bangs vej. Fantastisk hus klemt inde mellem nyt byggeri - som man så tit ser i København


Regensen set fra 1. sal fra Landemærket

tirsdag den 21. september 2010


My girlfriend went to buy yarn, but luckely there was a church near by - though I must admit I like churches better from the outside

mandag den 23. august 2010


My girlfriend and I have just spend a truely fantastic time in Amsterdam - what a beautiful city that is. We spend most of our time just walking around looking at houses, canals, people and more houses and more canals. But it was worth 6 days of walking and sore feet in the evenings

I got a new sketch book too. Yes a Moleskin, but I must say,I'm not overly impressed. The paper has a nice weight, but it's a bit too smooth compared to my old sketchbook from by Holbein. And I think it's over priced. But it fits in my bag and I'm allready looking forward draw in it again - soon

mandag den 2. august 2010

Family trip to Viborg

I spend last weekend with my girlfriends family in Viborg. A very enjoyable weekend with a bunch of very enjoyable people and some extra time to do a couple of sketches

mandag den 7. juni 2010

Steinerstrasse in Bamberg, Germany

If you like beer, you should go to Bamberg in south Germany, known for their Rauch Beer, a very smokey beer. They brew an incredible number of different beers, I would say that the Trunk beer from the Vierzehnheiligen Brewery is one of my new favourit beers, it taste a bit like the danish Ale nr. 16 which is the best danish beer.

Bamberg city is beautiful, with a lot of nice motifs for your sketchbook, but with all that beer, you gotta make a choise of what to do with you time in Bamberg.

tirsdag den 6. april 2010

Easter Break in Reersø

My girlfriend and I spend easter in a small cold wooden cottage in Reersø - Don't ask, that's far away. But non the less, it was a great windy easter, no chocolate eggs, but red wine and lots of fresh fish

tirsdag den 30. marts 2010

Brad Mehldau

Brad Mehldau visited Denmark in march and gave an incredible concert. This is his piano

tirsdag den 12. januar 2010

Alges Between Showers

My girlfriend and I spend a great last week of 2009 in Lissabon. Unfortunately it rained a lot, but between raindrops I got the chance to do this sketch of Alges train station