torsdag den 29. november 2012

Hardenbergvej in the freezing cold

This is one of the great extension you'll find on some house in Copenhagen. All though they're are rare, they do pop up now and then. This one you will find on the corner of Hardenbergvej og Vigerslevvej.

Today was most probably my last out door sketching this year - It was freezing cold. So cold the ink in my pen acted strange and the watercolours behaved like they where freezing too. The hairs on my brush was bend and my toes has turned to icicles, it was just a really cold day. But a very nice girl came to rescue me with a steaming hot cup of tea. What a great thing to do. It was my own choice to sit in the cold, but she just decided to make my day a bit warmer.  - Mange tak, du reddet tegningen. 

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