mandag den 7. maj 2018

Vienna, Berlin, Fredericia

Vienna, Berlin

Military museum in Vienna
"War belongs in a museum"

Berlin, playground view


Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Drawingrs from my trip to Vienna with Tegnerne 1919 (Danish group of illustrators). Berlin with my two lovely girls and and visiting family in Fredericia. 
The last drawing is of a mobile grill / sausage stand we saw at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

søndag den 4. marts 2018

Drawing old cars

Ford Thames, 1960

Morrison Electricar, 1969

I'm not particularly interested, infact I find most new cars to be quite boring. But I really like drawing old cars, so many stories comes to life in these drawings.
They where drawn at Danmarks Tekniske Museum on a very cold saturday in marts, almost too cold for watercolours and luckely the museum have a café where you can gat a warm cup of caffee.

mandag den 22. januar 2018

Drawings from the weekend

 Domus vista

 Gammel Strand

Vor Frelser Kirke

Sketches from this weekend with the Copenhagen Urban Sketchers. Domus Vista drawing is the view from my window.

mandag den 18. september 2017

Holiday Sketches

Old house in Blåvand

Kitchen in our summer house

Dining table and backdoor Summer house

German tourist in café

German tourist in café

Neighbour House in Henne Strand

Random sketches from our week at the westcoast.

Enjoying the beautiful nature at the Danish west coast.

mandag den 4. september 2017



Gl. Køge Landevej


Touring around Valby with my sketchbook - I love this part of the city.

mandag den 21. august 2017


Sketching Hareskoven with the Copenhagen Urbansketchers group.
Top drawing is done with coloured pencils and watercolours. The other one is done with brush pen and watercolours.
- the dead tree must have been more than 8 meters tall.

tirsdag den 15. august 2017

Malmparken Station

Drawing Malmparken Station. 
I really like these kinds of buildings. there are so many stories left in them.

torsdag den 27. juli 2017

Danmarks Tekniske Museum

Sketching old cars at Danmarks Tekniske Museum. 
I don't care much for cars, but I love drawing vintage cars. There's so much stories in them.

søndag den 23. juli 2017


Sketching cool typography.

mandag den 19. juni 2017

Bispebjerg Hospital

Bispebjerg Hospital

Grundtvigs Kirke

A day out with the Copenhagen Urban Sketchers.