mandag den 5. august 2019

Henne Strand

This years family get-together was in Henne Strand at the danish west coast. This house was build in 1932, and is a very typical house in this area.

Urban Sketching Symposium in Amsterdam 2019

This years Urban Sketching Symposium was held in Amsterdam, and what a beautiful city that is. It's my second visit, this time with my good friend and very talented sketcher Martin, later my wife and daughter joined us. The only downside to the trip was the extreme heat wave which terrorised the country and made it difficult to sketch.

søndag den 21. juli 2019


Visiting good friends in Svendborg.

søndag den 23. juni 2019

HF Vennelyst

Our allotment in Venneslyst. A small flat houls with just enough room for the three of us.

lørdag den 8. juni 2019

Vascomat - Vesterfælledvej

Vascomat, Laundry on Vesterfælledvej. 
It's for sale for the humble sum of 6.5 million kroner.

mandag den 25. marts 2019

Drawing Lisbon


Drawing Lisbon. What a fantastic charming city.

onsdag den 17. oktober 2018

Solbjerg Kirkegård

Frederiksvej seen from Solbjerg Kirkegård

Drawings from Solbjerg Kirkegård, which apperently will be made into a park in a couple of years

tirsdag den 9. oktober 2018


This is just one of those streets full of motives just waiting to be drawn.

mandag den 8. oktober 2018

View from Roskildevej

I have been looking at this location for some time, but because it's on a quite busy street, it has been difficult to find the right time to do the drawing. As i was sitting there, in the middle of the drawing it hit me, why? what is so interesting with this spot - well, I did enjoy drawing it.

onsdag den 26. september 2018


A tree from Dyrehaven, Copenhagen.